Art Imitates Life Imitating Art As The Gumball 3000 Car Race Gets Its Own Film

Wednesday, October 2 by
Hopefully the film will have more likable characters.  

The Gumball 3000 car race, which itself is modeled after films like The Gumball Rally and Cannonball Run, will be getting its own dramatized film that is said to be similar to Ocean’s 11. 

Since we don’t have many details on the project yet (other than Warner Bros. is involved), let’s talk a little about the race. 

It’s a 3000-mile road race that features up to 120 teams that follow a different course every year. There is no timekeeping, and no declared winner. Everyone participates for the sake of the race itself.

How this turns into a heist/caper movie is anyone’s guess, but I can think of worse premises for a film. Like Jack Reacher for example.

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