‘Arrested Development’ Has Started Filming New Episodes

Tuesday, August 7 by
Hurry up, please, gang.  

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz knows, after hurting us so many times before with talk of movies, new channels, and new episodes, that our guard is up, so during the development of the additional episodes, Hurwitz has taken pains to document the process so we know it’s real.

Let’s add this photo to the list of relevant documents. Here we see everyone looking exactly as they should about five years after we last joined our heroes. The only real developments of note are that Portia di Rossi is still looking insanely “huggable” and Michael Cera has reached new levels of Michael Cera-ness with his jack 0′ lantern haircut.

Production stars now and will go into fall allowing for a simultaneous release of all 10 episodes on NetFlix which will probably go down as the most important four-and-a-half hours of my stupid life.

I’m excited. Get to work, you wonderful people.

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