I've got to pull myself together. It's been how many weeks - months? - since director Darren Aronofsky turned down The Wolverine? I haven't shaved, I've been drinking... a lot. Then smashing the bottles against the floor and screaming "why?" Needless to say, I haven' taken the news well.

However, Aronofsky has moved on, and is looking at proposals from Warner Bros and Disney. The Mouse House wants the Black Swan helmer for Maleficent, now that Tim Burton has dropped out. It's Sleeping Beauty from the villain's perspective, with Angelina Jolie set to star, so if you love Wicked, you are morally obliged to buy a ticket.

That glass slipper doesn't sound like a perfect fit for Aronofsky, and neither does Warner's Moses project, about the biblical hero leading the Jews through the desert. It's one of two being developed in Hollywood, because there always has to be a competing movie, with Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes) set to produce. I think if he directed either of these, I'd bring a few X-Men action figures and start sobbing half way through.

But really though, I'm fine. (Badass News)