Arnold Wants To Stay In World Of Sleazy Politics, Not Sleazy Hollywood

Friday, January 14 by

This news could have been reported ten years ago, but word just came out from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s friend and collaborator Ivan Reitman that The Governator would like to spend more governmentating and less time, uh, actor-ating. Well, something to that effect. What Reitman actually said, courtesy of Cinema Blend, is, “…my guess is he will continue in government work. He’s joked around about coming back to acting, but I think really he would like to do something serious.”

More serious than Jingle All the Way 2: Still Jinglin’? More serious than reprising his role as Mr. Freeze in the next Christopher Nolan Batman? Get your priorities straight, Arnold.

The fact remains that Schwarzenegger has been on a de facto hiatus since taking office, save for a quick cameo in The Expendables. So will we miss him? Yeah, maybe for a bit. Until he can figure out a way to get North Korea off our back. Actually, that would make a damn good movie…

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