What a professional. Just weeks after his legacy-tarnishing scandal came to light, Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting back in front of the camera, carrying on with Last Stand, the English directorial debut of Kim-ji-Woon.

Deadline reports that Arnold won't be getting as much as he had lined up for his participation in Cry Macho, but something tells me he will be pulling in enough to get food on the table, despite a shakier public image than he had this time last year.

Like every other western ever made, Last Stand is about an old, broken down man faced with the decision to stand up for a town or move on. At this point, we really needn't discuss the inherent problems associated with an actor with a thick Austrian accent playing an old west gunslinger. It's happening for the same reason that Skynet gave their cyborg an accent. Because it just happened, ok?

The film starts shooting in September, which probably can't come fast enough for Arnie.