After serving as Governor of California for eight years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely longing to get back in touch with his artistic side. Like others before him (Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Goslin to name a few) he's got his eye on an independent film project that will allow him to commune with his craft and show the world Arnold the Actor. Though, this indie will focus less on subverting and dissecting human interaction and focus more on blowin' shit up.

Arnold will return to the cinema that has missed him so dearly with Captive. He will play an American real estate tycoon who is kidnapped while traveling abroad. While he searches for a way to break free from at armored truck parked in a Brazilian landfill (tried it once in college, lots of cleanup), a detective specializing in ransom cases races to find him. It's good to see a small movie like this $250 million indie get a chance to be made. I'm inspired. (Deadline)