UPDATE: Arnie To Play A Sheriff With An Unexplained Austrian Accent

Thursday, April 7 by

UPDATE: Variety has reported that Arnold also has his eye on the Antoine Fuqua‘s The Tomb. This project would have Schwarzenegger cast as a prisoner in a high-security prison…THAT HE DESIGNED! Don’t get your hopes up, though, as there exist a few scheduling issues with this one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has all the hallmarks of a loner border sherrif: Funny accent, general distrust of immigrants, and a steadfast track record of sticking to his beliefs even when they’re totally wrong.

So it’s no wonder that he is close to inking a deal to star in Kim Ji-Woon’s The Last Stand, in which he will stop a drug trafficker in a sweet ride from crossing the border into Mexico. Liam Neeson was attached to the project for months, but it’s pretty ridiculous to think of Liam Neeson as a border sheriff. That wouldn’t make any sense at all!

Apparently the producers are awaiting Arnie’s camp to counter some minor negotiation points. While details are vague, this sounds like less of a shoot-em-up film than it does something of plot-driven film, which makes sense given his age.

Next up: Tom Arnold starts rumors that he’s circling a role as a Mexican mayor. (/Film)

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    let’s all discuss the governator more

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