It's a tricky situation when a huge story comes from a source that clearly has an agenda. Such is the case with today's True Lies 2 news in which Tom Arnold, in an interview with Movieweb, says that Arnold Schwarzenegger is "excited" about True Lies 2. Which could mean just what it sounds like, or it could mean "Tom Arnold is excited about True Lies 2, so he's going to start pimping it to media outlets and hope that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy." Time will tell.

He did provide some logistical insight on where the movie is, saying that a script written by James Cameron and Jeff Eastin has the blessing of both Arnold S. and T. Arnold, the latter's being more of a compliment than a condition of adaptation, I'm sure. Tom Arnold also conveyed that Cameron's capacity would be that of producer, due to the fact that he's got those Avatar flicks in the pipeline that will monopolize his creativity for the next decade or so.

Schwarzenegger has bee fighting off roles with a stick since announcing his comeback, so this is one of many projects he's considering, but it's also a logical re-entry point for Arnie. The next chapter of True Lies could make for an entertaining story, and the film remains one of the most beloved action films in history. Tom Arnold could be saying these things because he needs a hot meal and a shower, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.