Not everyone hated Jack and Jill. Renowned critic (and equally renowned contrarian) Armond White of City Arts has published a review praising Adam Sandler's new film in which he plays his own female twin. White opens up by claiming that Sandler's films aren't "dumb fun," which I guess is technically true since they aren't fun at all, and goes on to appreciate all the things that we never knew existed in a film whose biggest plot point is the fact that Adam Sandler is sometimes a girl.

Among the things Armond White think Jack and Jill addresses in his review:

  • Sibling Rivalry (eh, maybe)

  • A Style of Comedy (Through Embarrassment) That "Goes Back To The Greeks" (Ugh. Fine. Technically. I guess.)

  • Jack and Jill's Strength Lying in the Fact That Sandler May Be The "Least Ethnically Abashed Jewish Film Comic outside the Borscht Belt." (I don't know where the Borscht Belt is, so I can't weigh in here. I'm sorry.)

You get the idea. This guy is just operating on a different level of film criticism here (somewhat likely) and/or he's a crazy asshole who wants people to write articles critiquing his critique (absolutely certain).

Either way, I guess someone liked Jack and Jill. Or claims to have, at least.