When it was announced that Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli and producer Jason Blum would make the cheap-o horror flick, Area 51, back in October of 2009 we all assumed it would be a quick production. So, what's the GD hold-up? Talk, Blum:
Area 51 is like Paranormal Activity. The additional photography for Paranormal Activity, we went back 50 times. The great thing about doing extra shooting for inexpensive movies is that the cost is low, so we screen and shoot and screen and shoot. Oren and I were pulled away from Area 51 a lot for the second Paranormal. Once that came out, we ramped up on Area 51 again. I anticipate the movie will be mostly done in about three or four months. They can’t set a release date yet until we do all of that.

Take all the time you need, fellas. Release dates for found footage alien films are a bit of a tough score these days. I just called my guy. The entire town is dry. (Shock Til You Drop)