Darren Aronofsky's bible epic, Noah, got off the ground in large part by the casting of Christian Bale in the lead role. Then, he was wooed away by the opportunity to stare wistfully into the distance in two Terrence Malick films. With Bale out, attention next turned to Michael Fassbender but given that his penis couldn't fit on Noah's Ark, he was ruled out.

That left Aronofsky needing someone of star caliber who could carry such an expensive film, which means he might get Russell Crowe. Though this has the danger of off-setting Crowe's adaptation of the 1980's TV show The Equalizer. It's going to be a tough choice for Russell, I'm sure. Another popular name being floated for the film is Liam Neeson. It's not known if he's being eyed to play Noah himself or the film's major villain. I say go with the villain. The Ark has wolves. Liam Neeson punches wolves. It's simple math. Take the rest of the day off, Hollywood. (Deadline)