Judd Apatow still want Paul Rudd to knock up his wife. MTV caught up with the director and his muse Seth Rogen Leslie Mann on Oscars night for an update about the Rudd/Mann-centric Knocked Up spin-off.
"It's spinning off right now, as we speak," Apatow told me outside the fancy shmanz Vanity Fair Oscar party Sunday night.

"We're in rehearsals," Mann said, adding that her character and Rudd's character will be seen at a different place in their marriage than in "Knocked Up."

"We're really happy now," she said. "Pete and Debbie are really happy."

It's too early in the game to give up plot or additional casting info, but Apatow noted that some familiar faces will be appearing in the film. He also mentioned an actor he'd love to bring in to the fold.
"I'm going to hit on Colin Firth tonight and see if he can play the weird neighbor," Apatow said. "I think he might do it."

Seems like he's only kidding around but I'd love to see Firth cast as the weird neighbor. We already know he can do the requisite stutter.