Earlier today, Screen Junkies reported on Apatow re-teaming with Paul Feig for at unknown pitch. Well, that wasn't all the reunionin' he was due for today, as this news related to a different untitled project that is reuniting Apatow alum. Dammit, Judd: STOP BEING SO CONFUSING.

Judd Apatow had long ago established that he liked to draw from a pool of actors that he uses regularly, but it would appear that now he's willing to up the ante and use the same characters between movies, cause, why half-ass it?

In Apatow's latest effort, Charlene Yi Paul Rudd, and Leslie Mann will all reprise their Knocked Up roles, while Apatow recruits familiar face Chris O'Dowd (the Bridesmaids cop), Wyatt Russell, and Lena Dunham to play original characters in the story. Both O'Down and Dunham will play Rudd's employees at his indie record label.

Those announcements follow the news that Albert Brooks and Megan Fox are also joining the project, with Brooks playing Rudd's father and Fox playing some sort of hot girl.

There currently is no logline on the film, but since it's Apatow, I think we can rule out "sci-fi epic" and "WWI historical drama." (Variety)