Antoine Fuqua is most famous for directing Training Day, a hard-hitting crime drama about the streets of Los Angeles. But he's also had his eye on bigger things, like King Arthur. Now it looks like he's gotten another job helming a historical drama, this time from an unlikely source - the Chinese Xi’an Qujiang Film & TV Investment Group has hired him to direct a movie about "a Tang Dynasty emperor and one of China's four legendary beauties." The currently untitled Chinese-language film is set to cost 200 million yuan (US $30 million), and is set to film on location in China.

It's certainly interesting that this project, which is based on a very famous Chinese story, is being directed by an American filmmaker. This might mean that it will get some kind of a US release - it could be part of a bizarre double feature along with Fuqua's upcoming Tupac biopic. (via The Hollywood Reporter)