Morgan Creek's plans to turn the corpse of Tupac Shakur upside-down and shake money out of his pockets hit a snag when director Antoine Fuqua decided to move on from the biopic. Fuqua was in good with Pac's moms and if he were to leave, the project would spiral into tailspin. So Morgan Creek had no choice but to step up.

The studio has now signed Fuqua to a pay-or-play deal on the project as a sign of their commitment to him. Which means, whether the film gets made or not, Antoine Fuqua gets money. The hunt for established actors to play the fallen rapper proved fruitless, and now the production is looking for Tupac lookalikes who can be coached to act like him. Just like the government did when Weird "Al" Yankovic was assassinated. Oh, you didn't know? (LA Times)