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Hey kids!  It’s the new Lars von Trier movie!  *restrained cheers from handful of movie geeks wearing ironic Van Halen-inspired Von Trier shirts*

Yes, indie darling Lars von Trier, whose Dogme 95 filmmaking style has a set of rules prohibiting filming cheese sandwiches with studio lighting or something like that, is coming out with what looks decidedly like a non-Dogme film in Antichrist.  I say this because there’s a CG shot of a dog growling, and not because Dogme prohibits butt shots.  But – and this is a big but – there’s a lot of butt in this trailer.  And it all comes at the rear of the trailer (oh gosh, I just can’t stop, can I?).

Actually, the movie looks pretty terrifying in a Rosemary’s Baby, slow burn sort of way, which seems right up Von Trier’s alley (not a butt joke) since he is the king of slow movies.

Want to see Willem Dafoe’s satanic plumber’s crack?  Then look no further than the jump!

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