Music biopics are a lucrative genre in Hollywood. People love to watch their favorite musical artists rise, fall, and rise again along strictly generic lines, punctuated by simulated "live" performances by actors made up to look like the artists in question. But now, movie and music fans around the globe are at a fever-pitch of excitement over the prospect of a biopic about singer Dusty Springfield.

The movie will be based on the book A Girl Called Dusty, but it's not known if this will be the title of the movie or not. They may change it to something else in an attempt to please the throbbing hordes, demanding perfection from the Dusty Springfield biopic they've been waiting for for so long. And Fairbanks Productions, who are bravely taking up the responsibility of such a project, are looking for writers, directors, and actors "on both sides of the Atlantic." Godspeed, Fairbanks Productions. I hope it will be as good as the Milli Vanilli movie. (The Hollywood Reporter)