Announced ‘Trainspotting’ Sequel Means All The Characters Might Not Be Dead Yet

Monday, March 11 by
Digby could not be more excited about this news.  

Despite the fact that Danny Boyle’s indie favorite Trainspotting focused on a bunch of filthy junkies, there’s no reason not to suspend disbelief and think that, sure, 20 years later all those weirdos might still be alive for a sequel.

The film is slated to pick up twenty years later, which offers up some pretty terrific opportunities to give these Digby, Sick Boy, and the rest of the gang with hilarious success stories. Maybe Sick Boy founded Twitter, and Digby was the sole British member of SEAL Team Six.

Spud, of course, will have become an executive producer of HBO’s Luck, who has fallen upon even harder times as the show just couldn’t keep itself from killing horses, so he actually ends up in jail, because horses just deserve better than the treatment that that show gave them.

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