Every suicidal playwright needs a mom, and, in Imogene, Kristen Wiig's character just found one in Annette Bening. In the film, Kirsten Wiig fakes suicide in order to win back an ex-boyfriend, only to find herself relegated to the custody of her gambling addict mother. Hilarity, heartbreak, and self-improvement ensue, no doubt.

While Annette Bening is no stranger to the world of drama, Imogene will mark Wiig's Hollywood debut into the genre, having made a name for herself in smaller, quirkier supporting roles in the Apatow universe, only to find herself landing squarely in the A-list after her starring turn in this year's Bridesmaids.

Imogene will be directed by the American Splendor duo of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, so expect the humor dry and sparse. Does Kristen Wiig have that in her? The good news is that if she doesn't, we know that Annette Bening does.