Anna Faris is getting a new roommate. Apparently one that is a lit-tle overbearing. Paramount has signed on to tell the story of a pretty girl getting stalked by her cohabitant. But, you know, in a funny way. Something tells me this film ends with a resolved misunderstanding, rather than a girl's head in a fridge. Some people have strange tastes, I guess.

Faris has become a comedy staple, often considered the only good component of poorly-received projects such as The House Bunny, Scary Movie, Observe and Report, and nobody's favorite, Yogi Bear. This film sounds a little more crafted to her, seeing as how it's from her actual life and everything, so let's get optimistic.

The untitled film is based on actual events in Faris' life, though they will undoubtedly be played up for dramatic effect, as the story of that tim the roommate totally double-dipped pretzels in her peanut butter jar may not make for the most compelling cinema.

If all else fails, get a little naked. It got Clint Howard where he is today, and Anna Faris is roughly as good looking as he is, so within no time, she should be enjoying regular cameos in all her more successful brother's movies. (THR)