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According to /Film, even though there’s no third book in the Da Vinci Code series, they’re moving ahead with a third movie.

Ron Howard’s big screen adaptation of the Da Vinci Code prequel Angel’s & Demons won’t hit theaters until May 15th, but Columbia Pictures
is already moving forward with a third film in the series.

Not much information is known about the story, although it has been widely speculated to be about Freemasons in Washington, D.C. Brown, who is clearly obsessed with the Freemasons, has been spotted over the years in Washington, researching Masonic temples.

Wow, look at the power Dan Brown has. He doesn’t even have to write the book, and they make it into a movie. That’d be like if I just whipped my wiener out and my girlfriend had an orgasm. Which I can assure you, does NOT happen. Mostly because I don’t whip my penis out, I undress like a gentleman.

It’s way too early to say obviously whether or not this movie will be shitty or decent, but I’m guessing if all it has is a title, and no script or source material, it’s going to be awesome! If I were Dan Brown, I would see how ridiculous a book title I could come up with, and see if Columbia Pictures would still buy it. I’d march into their office with something like this:

Special Thanks to Justin Halpern of Holy Taco for this post.

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