There's no time for pleasantries. We have work to do. Ok. A few pleasantries. It was announced sometime between last night and this morning, probably while you were sleeping, that Angelina Jolie is signing up to return to her lukewarmly acclaimed role as a hit man or femme fatale or something, Salt, with the sequel written by the guy who adapted Prince of Tides, so expect Nick Nolte to wander drunkenly on set thinking it's 1991.

Salt: Pass It!

Salt: A Little TOO Salty

2 Salt 2 Pepper (Music by Salt and Pepa and Aimee Mann)

NaCl: A Sequel to the Movie Salt

Soy Sauce: Salt Goes to the Orient

Saltwater Shootout (This could take place in a bayou or something.)


Salt 2: Needs More...Paprika