Mark Ruffalo has enlisted Andy Serkis, the master of physicality and wearing ping pong balls, to help flesh out the motion capture aspects of his performance in The Avengers 2. Ruffalo recently tweeted the announcement with the assurance that the Hulk will be even better this time around.

It makes sense that Ruffalo and Marvel would want to lean on a heavyweight of the motion capture world as their films move more and more in this direction. It also makes sense seeing as Mark Ruffalo doesn't seem to know how things work. Thank goodness he's getting the help he needs. Now if he could bring in a coach to help him to SPEAK UP, RUFFALO! I shouldn't need a listening cone to enjoy your films.

On a sidenote, it seems like a waste of a perfectly good Andy Serkis to have him around all that motion-capture equipment and not get a performance from him. Could he be playing Thanos?