Hollywood has had a complicated relationship with Rashida Jones' screenplay originally entitled Celeste & Jesse Forever. It's come close to getting made a couple times, but never quite making it. The comedy, about a divorced couple struggling to remain friends after getting a divorce, was originally written in 2008 with Will McCormack, but was shelved. Since then, it's been slated for production twice, first at Fox Atomic, before that studio closed, and then at Overture, before THAT studio closed. Clearly, this screenplay is cursed.

The studio that's producing this movie now (under its new shortened title) is "unnamed," but my hat's off to them for braving what I'm now calling The Curse of Celeste & Jesse. We'll probably find out which studio it is soon when its offices spontaneously burst into flames.

Anyway, the project now has Andy Samberg as Jesse to Jones' Celeste, and the script reportedly has "as much drama as comedy," so it'll be interesting to see how he handles it. That is, if he doesn't succumb to The Curse and get run over by a tractor before he gets the chance. (via The Playlist)