It appears that Hollywood studios are in the process of drawing a line in the sand. You are either a "movie about Andrew Garfield robbing a bank" person, or you are a "movie about Ewan McGregor robbing a bank" person, but never, ever could you enjoy both.

That extrapolation is an incredibly circuitous  and dramatic way of letting you know that the aforementioned are in the process of involving themselves in "competing" bank-robbing movies, with Andrew Garfield in talks to star in The Robber, and McGregor in Electric Slide.

The Robber would be a remake of a recent German film that tells the story of a marathon runner who moonlights as a bank robber. It is being developed by Sony, who is "in like" with Garfield after penning him to The Amazing Spider-Man and would presumably like to take their relationship with him to the next level.

Electric Slide is, sadly, not about a dude who dances professionally at weddings, but rather an antique store owner who started knocking down banks to support his heroin habit. The man was known to be peaceful and polite in his heists, much as McGregor is known to be in his day-to-day life, so...good casting choice, guys.

I know the moviegoing public's attention span has dwindled to that of a fruit fly, but since these movies both sound engaging enough that perhaps, need there be only one? I mean, they made more than one movie about WWII, and people didn't think that was overkill. (Playlist)