You know when you've got an important task to get done, but you procrastinate by doing lots of menial stuff that you'd never otherwise find yourself doing?

"I'll get to studying for my exam just as soon as I clean up my DVR, floss, and call my grandmother."

That's what it would seem Andre 3000 is doing. Rather than get together with partner in crime Big Boi, Dre has signed on to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic entitled All Is By My Side. It will be directed by John Ridley, who directed Red Tails and...(wait for it)...Undercover Brother. The project will track the early years of Hendrix when he lived in Britain and will soon begin shooting in Ireland.

Meanwhile, a nation exhales as it finds its future a little less funky. At least Big Boi is bringing the ruckus.