We have a winner (and four runners up) in our Fright Night caption contest. The funniest caption gets a "Peter Vincent" T-Shirt and a Fright Night Blu-ray+DVD combo pack. The next four runners up win t-shirts. So, without further B.S., here are the winners.
Winner: Ben Wojak
"Trust me, I'd rather everything I touch turn into skittles. But fire's still pretty cool."

Runners Up:

Gary Hara
"I like your skin complexion; what kind of product do you use?"

Ryan Wells
"I really should've worn protection when I had sex with that nun. Now it burns when I pray."

Jason Richcreek
"if you think that's cool wait till u see what I do with my dong."

Michael Roberts
"Colin Farrell... so hot right now... Colin Farrell"