Warner Bros. is looking to remake The Wizard of Oz, and wants Robert Zemeckis to direct, Deadline is reporting. The studio is aware that such a move will piss off every living creature on the planet, and may rip apart the space-time continuum. In order to ease these fears, they are stressing that their remake will be based on the original script, not the heavily modified version that became one of the most beloved films of all time. And having Zemeckis on board will help, since he knows a thing or two about the space-time continuum.

If you ask me, going back to the original script is a great idea. Hopefully it's chalk-full of references to William Jennings Bryan and the gold standard, which is sure to bring the Ro Paul demographic out to the theaters. Plus, the remake will appeal to anyone who has ever had the urge to piss on Judy Garland's grave. "Over the rainbow," my ass, Judy. (Deadline via Latino Review).