‘Anchorman’ Took In $8 Million Last Night, Will Do Just Fine At The Box Office

Thursday, December 19 by
Not pictured: James Westphal, Dr. Kenneth Noisewater 

The original Anchorman did just fine in the box office, but was nothing to write home about. However, it became a staple of pop culture through millions of people rewatching. Then quoting. And quoting some more. And they would never stop quoting Anchorman.

Which makes this an anomaly in the world of comedy. An anticipated sequel with a relatively slow burn. How would that track as far as box office goes?

Just fine apparently. Anchorman got $8 million its opening night last night, which puts it on pace for a $40-$45 million weekend. That should offset some costs. Then, with audiences knowing what they know, several million of them may just come back to see the film again in theaters. Then there will be more quoting.

The quoting will never stop. Maybe don’t wear a bra next time.

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