America’s Favorite Funnyman Benicio Del Toro Playing Stooge Moe?

Thursday, January 20 by

Benicio Del Toro has been making audiences laugh in movies like Traffic and 21 Grams for a long time now. And it looks like the beloved joker may have found his next crack-‘em-up role in Moe of The Three Stooges. Peter Farrelly, he of the Famous Farrell Brothers, recently told The Providence Journal “Benicio [Del Toro] is the front runner for Moe, but we’ve not made a deal with him yet.” Lock him down, Peter, before he gets cast as Jerry Lewis! That wasn’t the only thing Farrelly had to say about this long-gestating project:

“It’s all new material. It’s not a biopic. We want to give a matinee feel to it. But none of the studios had any interest in it at the beginning. There was a lot to prove. We even had to show that in the script, despite all the hitting the Stooges were known for, it could be a PG movie.”

You know, that quote could also be about the band The Stooges and you wouldn’t have to change anything.  Set your Twitter hashtags to #DelToroforIggyPop. (The Playlist)

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