Mary Harmon would have plenty of cult cred if American Psycho were her only movie. And, judging from the critical response to her other work, maybe she'd be better off that way (I kid). Anyway, Harmon now has her next project in Wicked Lovely, based on a series of novels by Melissa Marr. Here's a plot synopsis, which is both wicked and lovely:
"The pic revolves around a young teen named Aislinn, who has seen dangerous faeries her entire life but has managed to survive by adhering to a strict set of rules that have kept her safe ... until now. The 17-year-old finds herself torn between a seductive Faery king and the mortal she loves, and she must go against everything she was taught in order to confront a world she was raised to fear."

Hold onto your hats, faery fans! Seriously, when did they start spelling "fairy" like that? Anyway, this might be kind of cool if it's your kind of thing- it shares a screenwriter with Edward Scissorhands, which is also kind of wicked and lovely when you think about it. Insights like that are why they pay me the big bucks. (Deadline)