First, American Idiot was an album, then it was a Broadway musical, and if Universal has their way, that musical will become a movie. Could we turn it into a mini-series and a video game too? "Wake Billie Joe Armstrong up before September ends, by using the X button."

Green Day may drop dookies into theaters nationwide, if this deal goes through. The show's Broadway director, Michael Mayer, would direct the film version. Dustin Lance Black (Milk) would adapt the musical script for the screen. Punks were once considered counter-culture rebels, right? I can't think of anything more mainstream than a hit Broadway show turned into a big budget movie. I guess if "Glee" does a cover of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," that'd be that.

Armstrong might play a drug dealer in the American Idiot movie, a character he sometimes plays on stage. Hmm... looking at him, I just don't see it. (Deadline)