American Horror Story To Reboot Season 2 With The Same Cast

Thursday, December 22 by
WHAT? It's the first pic that came up.  

If you found last night’s American Horror Story finale confusing (I didn’t because I didn’t watch it), then this news should bring a little clarity. The second season will essentially reboot the show, with the same actors coming back, but in different roles. From what I understand, AHS is a very serial show, so that shouldn’t disappoint too many fans who were attached to certain characters. I think it’s a pretty smart move, as it’s clear that fans aren’t really in it to watching characters grow, so it’ll be keeping everyone who liked the show, and inviting lost viewers to come back and try it again.

Now that he’s shown himself amenable to the concept, maybe Ryan Murphy will be willing to reboot Glee with a show set in Japan about a group of Japanese army stragglers who refuse to acknowledge the end of WWII and go totally ninja on everyone. It could be called Deathcaliber.

But, whatever. Either way.

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