Actor/Model. Is there a more chilling phrase in the English language? It normally conveys, "He's not much of an actor, but he's really good looking, so audiences will tolerate him." Fortunately, the audiences being subjected to this 20 year-old British lad are not exactly our demographic. Mr. Pettyfer has recently been picked up to lead another possible franchise based on the series of young adult books titled The Mortal Instruments, which are described by New York Magazine as "basically Twilight with demons instead of vampires." Pinch me. I must be dreaming. This announcement comes just a month before Pettyfer stars inI Am Number Four, another film based on a young adult novel, this one in the realm of science fiction. I Am Number Four also has the dubious distinction of being written by Oprah's archnemesis, James Frey who was chastised for fabricating stories in his supposed memoir A Million Little Pieces.

So what does this all mean to us? Not much, since the concepts for both these movies sound completely awful, and we won't watch them. But it does mean, whether we want to or not, this guy is probably going to be in our life for a while. At least until today's 7th graders become tomorrow's college Freshman.

Until then, here is some Alex Pettyfer trivia to keep you "in the know" with the young ones.

  • "Pettyfer already has seven tats, including a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on the inside of his right arm, and Chinese logograms on his lower waist"

  • He's British

  • He's good-looking

  • He chooses horrible movies to act in.

That's all you need to know about the tween set's next big thing. Enjoy your fleeting fame, Alex!