Amber Heard is in The Informers out in limited release today.  Given it's based off of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, there's a high probability she plays a young, jaded, affluent woman who does a lot of drugs, has sex with numerous people, and is void of any redeemable qualities.  Early reviews of this film seem to point out that the flick itself is as unlikable as its upper crust characters, but that Heard's nudity is an incentive to see it anyway.  We haven't seen the movie as of this post, but will be doing so promptly after typing that last sentence, which is now.  Have a good weekend and...

Enjoy the photos of Amber after the jump.



While Amber was previously seen clothed in Pineapple Express, her career is seemingly ready to skyrocket by taking roles that other women who refuse to do nudity will not do (See: her new role in Johnny Depp movie "The Rum Diary"). 

The Informers opens wide May 1.