Amber Heard In Talks To Not Get Naked In NBC’s ‘Playboy.’

Wednesday, February 2 by

The ubiquitous Amber Heard, having run out of new movies to be in, has decided to wait for producers to catch up with her by spending some time on television. The hottie is in talks to star in NBC’s new hourlong drama, “Playboy,” which focuses on the cast of characters involved in the Playboy clubs that popped up across America in the 1960’s.

Brian Grazer and his weird hair will be serving as executive producer along with Francie Calfo and Chad Hodge, who also wrote the pilot. What started off sounding like a disposable Friday or Saturday-night drama has been given a dash of legitimacy by Heard’s interest, which could expand the audience base to from just nostalgic perverts to nostalgic perverts AND horny teenagers. Way to go, NBC marketing!

Heard has recently made a name for herself, having wrapped on John Carpenter‘s The Ward and Nicholas Cage‘s Drive Angry 3D, so this move could prove beneficial for both the show and the actress in expanding their appeal. That said, the fact that this concept isn’t going to be airing on pay cable makes me so mad that I want to chuck my laptop out the window. (Variety)

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