Wants to Make Movies, Not Just Sell Them

Wednesday, November 17 by isn’t content just selling you movies. They also want to make the movies they sell you. That’s why they’ve launched Amazon Studios, a website that allows aspiring screenwriters to submit their work, collaborate with other screenwriters, and win over a million dollars in monthly prizes. But the real prize seems to be a deal with Warner Bros. which has an exclusive “first look” deal giving them 18 months to option a script. And according to Roy Pierce, the head of Amazon Studios, the company has a vested interest in helping writers cut a deal.

“The goal is to get commercial feature films made and distributed through the studio system,” Price said. “That’s the only way this project can make any money.”

Reaching out to wannabe filmmakers sounds like a great way to find untapped talent. However I fear the worst from this endeavor…

(LA Times via /Film)

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