We now have some conceptual art for The Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard, instead of relying on that silly Pez dispenser. Strangely, the concept art looks JUST like that Pez dispenser, actually. Rhys Ifans should be able to unhinge his jaw accordingly, lest I become disillusioned with the movie industry.

Here's a pic of the Pez dispenser:

Handsome, no?

And here's the concept art for The Lizard:

Before you curse or praise this image, bear in mind that The Lizard undergoes several metamorphoses during the film, so if this image isn't your cup of tea, don't worry, there will be several more iterations of The Lizard for you. You'll find out for yourself on July 2, 2012, but I doubt you'll have to wait that long before trailers, posters, psychic images, and general speculation runs rampant.

Until then, that's a hell of a lizard.