Move over, Mila Kunis...allllllllll the way to the end. Amanda Seyfried is the apple of Mark Wahlberg's slacker eye in the Ted sequel, titled strangely enough, Ted 2. While Amanda Seyfried isn't playing Mila Kunis' character per se, it wasn't like the original was rife with dynamic female roles, so we can all agree that Seyfried will be playing "the girl."

Kunis may make a cameo, but it's unknown at this time. That's how unimportant her character now is to the story of the one we call Ted. We haven't seen Seyfried in such an overtly comic role in a while (maybe since Mean Girls), so here's to hoping that she'll be given a little more to work with than just being frustrated, than having too much, then forgiving Mr. Wahlberg and the bear.

But who know.