Amanda Seyfried Joins Dumbly-Titled ‘I’m.mortal’

Tuesday, July 13 by

Closer. Closer. They’re almost on the glass. Just a little further….

Amanda Seyfried has been announced as the first hot, young thing to join the cast of Andrew Niccol‘s I’m.mortal. The dumbly-titled movie tells the tale of a future society where the aging gene is turned off at 25, thus allowing sexys only, no olds allowed. Hot, young things must then buy and bank units of time so that they may hang on to their looks, or else they die. Much like on "The Hills."

Seyfried is slated to play a wealthy, hot, young thing who in taken hostage and must run around and get all sweaty while pursued by a corrupt police force known as  "time keepers." Promise me some slow-motion shots and I’ll begin camping out in line for tickets today. That and because I got evicted from the overtipped canoe I’ve been living in. Stupid co-op board. (Variety)


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