That Oscar nominee that had everybody like, whoa, hey, what?, is no longer an Oscar nominee. Alone Yet Not Alone, the small faith-based film that ran in theaters for 21 days last fall, turned a lot of heads when its title track received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. The mystery was cleared up when it was revealed that the song's composer Bruce Broughton emailed members of the Academy asking that they consider the song when making their nominations. The problem here, in the eyes of the Academy, is that Broughton is a former Academy governor and they feel that position "creates the appearance of an unfair advantage."

Unfair advantage? Then why allow him to submit in the first place? I think the Academy's issue is that Alone Yet Not Alone elicited votes without having to plaster a roundabout advertisement for the Oscars on billboards or in trade magazines. Nor does it help promote the telecast because by edging out famous musicians like Jay-Z and Lana Del Ray, there's no commitment by those celebrities to attend or perform on the show. It's all about ratings and good publicity. Which the Academy definitely cost themselves by rescinding this nomination. There is their worse move since hiring Brett Ratner. (EW)