Alison Brie Will Give Emily Blunt Someone To Vent To In New Apatow Pic

Wednesday, March 2 by

Looks like Katherine Heigl‘s (somewhat valid) criticisms of Apatow’s portrayal of women as shrill and joyless hasn’t affected his ability to draw female talent like moths to a bearded Jewish flame. Today brings us news that Alison Brie of “Community” and”Mad Men” notoriety is the next actress to betray her gender by appearing in an Apatow film. In Five-Year Engagement, Apatow will focus on the ups and downs of a couple (played by Jason Segal and Emily Blunt) over the course of their relationship. Brie will portray Emily Blunt‘s younger sister/shoulder-to-cry-on. It would appear that in Apatowland, women don’t have friends, only sisters. If a female Apatow character has no sisters, she is an island, fated to settle down with a man-child, turning her frustrations inward unti Paul Rudd or whoever learns to change.

Brie also stars in Scream 4, hitting theaters April 15. Her schedule is busy enough that she is perhaps the only person in entertainment not worried sick over the inability of “Mad Men” producers to get a production schedule together for season 5. (Variety)

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  1. March 2, 2011 2:59 pm

    Peter Pez

    My college journalism professor would give you an automatic “F” for this article. You misspelled the woman’s name: it’s Alison, not Allison. (If you had bothered to click on any of the links in the article, you would know that.)

  2. March 2, 2011 2:59 pm


    An F for one misspelled name? You had a tough as nails professor. FIXED.

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