Above: Power Suit from Avatar on display at E3

This morning, SlashFilm's Russ Fischer made a mega post about Avatar in which he compiled everything he has been able to gather on the film from his trusted sources and from producer Jon Landau's presentation at last week's E3 conference.  (UbiSoft's Avatar game will be released concurrently with the film).  Head over to SlashFilm for all the goods, or check our our Cliff Notes version after the jump - BOTH CONTAIN SPOILERS!

What Russ Fischer Said About Avatar:

Sam Worthington's character, soldier Jake Sully, has lost the use of his legs, and takes a mining job on the alien planet Pandora

• Pandora contains a precious mineral vital to energy production; hence the mining.

• Pandora's ten-foot tall blue humaoid natives, the Na'vi, are none too happy about the earthling miners raping their land.

• Because the planet's atmosphere is poison, the miners use a cloned Na'vi to house their consciousness (hence the name'Avatar').  There's a MacGuffin about you needing certain DNA to be able to use the clone, which brings us to...

• Jake Sully's brother, one of the original DNA donors is dead, so that's why Jake got the mining job.

• A couple years later, Jake works on Pandora and is saved from a "ViperWolf" by a female Na'vi. 

• Jake learns about the Na'vi, sympathizes with them, and joins their resistance against the humans. 

• But if Jake joins the Na’vi at war with the humans, he’ll lose the option to rejoin his avatar, and therefore be stuck as an immobile human without that Na’vi he’s grown to love.

Again, read the full story, and Russ Fischer's thoughtful analysis of all this, at SlashFilmConsider us in full can't-wait mode now.  Not because of the supposedly revolutionary FX, but because we want to know how the hell Cameron is going to make this potentially convoluted concept of the avatars make sense.  And you know he will.