Our friends (with benefits) at Entertainment Weekly have written up a study that describes the differences between white folks and black people distinct viewing habits of Republicans and Democrats. While I'm sure there's some nuance here, the findings boil down to: Democrats watch the shows that we think that they'd watch, while Republicans watch all those shows that we thought no one was watching.

Those hippies from Occupy Wall Street enjoy cashing their welfare checks, plopping down with a big bowl of medicinal marijuana and watching The Daily Show and Glee, while Republicans like to get off work from the mill, sit down to a steak diner, and polish their rifles while watching The Mentalist, Leno, and Swamp Loggers.

Republicans seem to favor procedurals, while Democrats like comedies and shows about the media. That's awfully on the nose, Democrats. Republicans also love the show Swamp People. When did the love affair between conservatives and swamps start? I completely missed that! Surprisingly, Republicans also enjoy Wheel of Fortune, which is odd because I would have figured they consider it a form of welfare.

It's not a terribly surprising list, but we can use it as ammo against differently-minded people, which is the greatest gift of all this holiday season.

See the full results here.