Pierce Brosnan
is settling comfortably into a life of appearing in movies directly related to defunct, iconic bands. A few years ago he sang his way through the Abba-themed/scored musical Mamma Mia, and now he's continuing the trend by considering a role in recent Oscar winner Susanne Bier's (In A Better World) new romantic comedy All You Need Is Love.

Nothing is known about the film's plot, although Bier has revealed that the film will be a lot more light hearted than her darker, Foreign Language Oscar winner. She said of the new film:
"“It’s a tender story with a much lighter atmosphere than my previous works: enough with conflicts.”

This new, conflict free, possibly Beatles related comedy shoots on the Amalfi coast this spring. It' unknown how or if the Fab Four will figure into the plot, but it's entirely possible that it could involve iTunes (*The Beatles, now available on iTunes!!). (Empire)