From Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith doing the nasty comes a brand new actress. In a world where casting directors cast different actresses to play roles, one girl said, "that's not gonna happen anymore. I will take all the roles from now on."

Dakota Johnson, the hot girl who didn't realize she slept with the Napster guy in The Social Network, has been cast in three movies:

- She's currently filming Goats, which is directed by Christopher Neil and stars David Duchovny. It's about a teen from Tuscon who leaves home to go to an East Coast prep school. Johnson will play: some character.

- From there, Johnson will act in Five Year Engagement, which is directed by Nicholas Stoller, produced by Judd Apatow and stars Jason Segel. It's about a newlywed couple who go through ups and downs. Johnson will play: one of the characters in the movie.

- Finally, Johnson will join the cast of 21 Jump Street, which is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and stars Jonah Hill. It's about young-looking cops who go undercover as teens, in a remake of the 80s TV drama. Johnson will play: a girl rock star who gets recruited by Secret NASA to fight aliens. Okay, ya got me. She's playing some other kind of character entirely. (Variety)