[post-album postid="31473" item="3"] Please save the date for the marriage of very hot and also very hot. By that I mean nerd crushes Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan are teaming up for the romantic comedy, Save The Date. In the film they'll play sisters who like to smell one another's hair and tickle each other and make their boobs touch and say my name directly into camera. If only.

They'll actually play sisters with Brie settled in her life choices and Caplan feeling mor restless. Martin Starr (who "Party Down"ed with Caplan), Geoffrey Arend (who played Quirky Guy #1 in (500) Days Of Summer) and Mark Weber (?) also co-star. Arend will play a love interest for Caplan and Martin Starr will just play some dude as far as we know at this point. It's likely his character is involved with Brie's but that doesn't mean it will prevent me from coming around with my seduction kit. I don't care if dude put a ring on it or not. (Variety)