Alright, I'll admit, when I think of what alien-themed Summer flick our reader's will appreciate hearing about, I don't jump to Aliens in the Attic, I think of District 9.  However, having been lucky enough to have seen District 9 (review coming soon), I can note that the movie has a distinct lack of hot young Disney stars.  Aliens in the Attic, on the other hand, has the beautiful Ashley Tisdale.  The High School Musical actress seems to be keeping close to the kids movie/Disney path, so we can't expect to see her in any badass action films like District 9 just yet, but isn't her squeaky clean demeanor part of her appeal?

A word from Ashley: "My agent didn`t want me on Disney because I`m older. But honestly, I`m not ready for older roles yet, or even the things older girls do I am still young."

Don't worry, we checked, and she's chronologically old enough for us to recommend that you check out more hot photos of Ashley after the jump!