Indy Mogul posted their new episode of 'Hollywood FX,' which takes us behind the scenes of a company called Amalgamated Dynamics.  A.D.I. is a company formed by a some of Stan Winston's protegés, and they were kind enough to allow Hollywood FX a pretty damn in-depth exposé.  And with that last sentence, this may be the most amount of co-opted French words with accents I've ever posted.  Check out the clip after the jump which includes, as the post's title touts, glimpses at creature FX from Wolverine, Aliens... and a mind-blowing animatronic Gorilla head that will blow your mind all over your face.  Bring handy-wipes for your computer monitor.

Wolverine, Alien, Gorilla Special Effects from ADI : Hollywoo... - Watch more Funny Videos