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You came.  You saw.  You read the rules this time. 

The winner of our Alien Trespass Giveaway’s GRAND PRIZE – the signed set of Alien Trespass lobby cards – is the reader known as "CCAP."  Your alternate tagline for AT read:

"She was a beautiful woman with a past. He was a giant red cyclops from Galaxy Abell 1835 IR1916. She thought her heart was closed for business . . ."

Your entry was eloquent, intriguing, and concise.  Never underestimate concise-iness.  And it seemed like you tried. 

And then there’s the second prize, which goes to "Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr," who just plain made us laugh (cruel as those laughs may have been):

"This summer, get ready to watch Robert Patrick in…..a movie."

We’ll be contacting you both via email to arrange your pirze shipment!  Be sure to see Alien Trespass, which opens this weekend.  As Dr. H said, it’s got Robert Patrick in it.


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